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Robin Hicks is an artist who often looks at life as a series of paintings – one life scene after another. Utilising whatever medium which inspires her, Robin primarily creates in watercolour, pastels, and oils.

"When I see the light sparkling off the waves of a translucent ocean, I am moved to express this beauty through painting..."

"Leaning against a rough, stone wall, which holds a history of lifetimes, with all its contours, edges, and harsh textures - I know I must capture this artistically..."

Born into an artistic family in Adelaide, SA, my gift as an artist became apparent very early in life. Before talking, I was drawing my observations, and from the age of two years it was obvious that recreating my world through art was my life’s calling. Expressing myself with drawing and painting, to include illustrating stories I had written, my childhood was spent finding a quiet place to sit and exploring the world of images around me through art.

I joined the Royal Art Society at 15 years old, and began attending life drawing classes, which were facilitated by the well-known artist Reg Hicks (no relation), who invited me to undertake private tuition. Under Reg’s tutelage I developed a love of portraiture, capturing the human figure, and working with oils and pastels. Throughout this period, and for the next two years, I also became a private student of well-established watercolourist, Ron Coudrey.

Alongside the private tuition during this time, I graduated with a Further Education (now known as Adelaide Central School of Art) Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration. At at age 17 I became employed at the SA Museum in the Entomology Department, where I worked illustrating insects using a microscope, and illustrating worksheets for the Museums’ Education Section.

Travelling to England, Scotland, Europe, Thailand and America at 20 years old, I became inspired by the contrast and depth of colours in the landscapes encountered there. I produced a body of work for a solo exhibition during this time, which was exhibited in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Of the 30 paintings exhibited, 24 were purchased in the first few days, and Edinburgh’s art critic described my work as having an ‘inspirational use of the watercolour medium, applying the Australian translucency of light and colour to the British landscape’. He stated ‘don’t miss this young Australian artist, debuting in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’. I was thrilled by this and it helped to encourage me to continue as much as possible.

Since 2008 I have been invited to hold three solo exhibitions featuring up to 30 works, and over many years has had numerous smaller solo exhibitions, along with being a part of countless shared exhibitions. My work has been exhibited in galleries, wineries, cafes, hospitals, restaurants, Rotary shows, and other venues in South Australia, New South Wales, Scotland and New York, America.

Recent Solo Exhibitions & Awards

  • Noarlunga Private Hospital, 2011
  • Stationmaster’s Gallery, 2011 – People’s Choice Award
  • Stationmaster’s Gallery, 2011 - Best Artist Award – prize
  • Royal Adelaide Show, 2013 – First Prize Award for Landscape - 2013
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